The new Dark Shadows movie

I’ve been reacquainting myself with the Collins clan of Collinsport, Maine over the past few months and have managed to work through the entirety of my tapes (a fraction of the entire run of the show). When I first heard the news about the Tim Burton-helmed Dark Shadows reboot, I was mildly interested. That quickly waned and I figured it wasn’t something I would want to pay theatre prices for, even as a matinee. We have a Red Box at the local market near Telstar and I thought I’d probably just pick it up there.

That is, until last night. I made the mistake of watching the trailer. Why does every Tim Burton movie¹ seem to look the same to me? Now I know event the cheap Red Box price would be too much to pay and I won’t be going anywhere near this. If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a million times: why can’t people just leave things alone? It’s probable the original will not be improved upon², in most cases, and revisiting just make the original material look better. Okay, well, there may be some exceptions, but I never did get that into Star Trek. And I won’t even get into the topic of classic versus new Doctor Who.

¹ I think I can count the Tim Burton movies I’ve seen on one hand, so I am making that statement based on the five I’ve seen.

² Not that these names made the remakes better than their original sources, but come on: Keeley Hawes (you knew that was coming), The Avengers; Ruth Wilson (you knew that was coming, too), The Prisoner; Jane Badler (you might not have seen that coming a mile away), Mission Impossible. I’m sure there are more examples I could share, but those are the three that came to mind right away.

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6 thoughts on “The new Dark Shadows movie

  1. Wow, that trailer did make it look awful. I was kinda into it at first — seemed kinda like an Interview With the Vampire ripoff, but even the low-budget Interview ripoffs I’ve seen have been fairly entertaining. But then it started seeming like a weird, wacky comedy… and yeah, I’m not down with that.

    And I would not say that looked like any of the Tim Burton movies I’ve seen! I actually quite like Tim Burton’s stuff, though my favorite Burton movie (and probably the one for which he’s best known) is one he didn’t actually direct. 🙂

    And the Prisoner remake was certainly in no way better than the original! Even Ruth Wilson and Bouncy Castle Atwell cannot redeem it. 😛

    • I am by no means a Tim Burton expert, but the scene in the DS trailer where Barnabas is approaching Collinwood through a wrought-iron fence for some reason reminded me of Edward Scissorhands (which I enjoyed) and put me in mind of the others I’ve seen. Perhaps it was Johnny Depp. I don’t know for sure, I can’t quite put my finger on it. But I will most definitely be passing on this.

      Regarding The Prisoner: the only two things I really liked about it were Ruth Wilson (natch) and the Beach Boys song that played in the last scene. I still need to watch the original and give it the attention it deserves. Did you know The Masque of Mandragora was filmed where The Prisoner was? YES!

      • Well, that scene was definitely Burton-esque… and vampire movie-esque in general. I was interested at that point! But then the stupid comedy stuff came in and I was like meh screw this movie.

        (Though apparently that’s the way to get the critics on your side — take an older TV drama and turn it into a goofy comedy. They’re loving the 21 Jump Street flick!)

        I did not know that about the filming of The Masque of Mandragora! I guess it makes sense in hindsight, though I could be confused about which serial that was. In any case, you and I both know that The Prisoner remake’s only redeeming feature was the Bouncy Castle. 😉

        • Yeah, but there was something about it that just pegged it as a Burton movie. I don’t know how to describe it. Regarding the 21 Jump Street film-I will be passing on that, too. I didn’t watch the original series-didn’t care for the little I saw. The sister, however, loved it. Who would have thought little Johnny Depp would have come so far?

          313 > Bouncy Castle, IMO of course. XD

  2. After watching most* of the trailer I too will be avoiding this.
    * I quit at the disco scene. Life is short.

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