Exam results

The power of the red bustier was definitely with me last night: between the exam and the extra credit, my final score was a 90. I find it as amazing as I’m sure you do that I was able to concentrate on a 40-question exam worth 120 points with this image in my head.


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8 thoughts on “Exam results

  1. Now, just imagine the result on your next test when you’re actually wearing the red bustier.
    Photos will be expected, of course.

    • I would be so uncomfortable. I’ll leave the red bustiers to others and just admire from afar.

      Also, you sound like you’re feeling much better. YAY!

      • Had a bad day at work for reasons both known and unknown, but I am over the bug, I think.

        • Glad to hear it. What caused it, do you know?

          • At first I thought it was a reaction to anaesthetic. The day before the bug kicked in fully I had dental work done and the dope was stronger than usual. I rang the dentist’s office but they said that any reaction would have taken place in the chair.
            My revised theory is that I was carrying something already, and the dope knocked me just hard enough to give the bug an opening.
            As for the problem after the shaving affair, I’ve got no idea. Got to work eventually and I was fine, but around midday I began feeling incredibly tired. I got home, puked, fell asleep in the chair listening to a CD and woke up a few hours later feeling more or less okay.

  2. Congrats! A shame there were no extra-credit red bustier questions, eh? All exams should have them.

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