Writing the afternoon away

You may be curious to know what I’ve spent the last three hours writing. Rest assured, it was not fan fiction. It was not a new expose’ on Companion Fashion. No, it was not even the stalled Dress Barn Diva project. It is a sad day indeed, isn’t it? It was accounting, pure and simple. There were over one hundred review slides for tomorrow’s exam and frankly, I cannot afford to print something like that. Can you imagine how much toner I would have used? So, as an exercise in review, I chose the salient points and rewrote them. By hand. On notebook paper. I don’t need the stupid graphics. I don’t need the Headline Capitalization Found In Each Sentence (No, Seriously. I Am Not Joking.). I do not need the blinding color combinations, and I certainly don’t need the grammar and punctuation errors because they all serve to distract me from the task at hand, as pedantic as that probably sounds.

So, am I prepared for the first exam? Probably not as much as I could be, but isn’t that always the case?

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4 thoughts on “Writing the afternoon away


    See, I’d have caught that before putting it on a slide. πŸ˜›

  2. Who made these slides? If the prof did and there are multiple grammar and punctuation errors, THAT IS UNNACEPTABLE

    • They came with the book, which still makes it unacceptable. Or unnaceptable. πŸ˜„ These are what the instructor teaches from, which doesn’t excite me too much. But it’s better than having to learn it on my own, I suppose. Even the extra resource Excel templates leave a bit to be desired, but strangely, I can live with them. It’s the slides with these glaring errors that I find so distracting.

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