Writing the afternoon away

You may be curious to know what I’ve spent the last three hours writing. Rest assured, it was not fan fiction. It was not a new expose’ on Companion Fashion. No, it was not even the stalled Dress Barn Diva project. It is a sad day indeed, isn’t it? It was accounting, pure and simple. There were over one hundred review slides for tomorrow’s exam and frankly, I cannot afford to print something like that. Can you imagine how much toner I would have used? So, as an exercise in review, I chose the salient points and rewrote them. By hand. On notebook paper. I don’t need the stupid graphics. I don’t need the Headline Capitalization Found In Each Sentence (No, Seriously. I Am Not Joking.). I do not need the blinding color combinations, and I certainly don’t need the grammar and punctuation errors because they all serve to distract me from the task at hand, as pedantic as that probably sounds.

So, am I prepared for the first exam? Probably not as much as I could be, but isn’t that always the case?

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4 thoughts on “Writing the afternoon away


    See, I’d have caught that before putting it on a slide. 😛

  2. Who made these slides? If the prof did and there are multiple grammar and punctuation errors, THAT IS UNNACEPTABLE

    • They came with the book, which still makes it unacceptable. Or unnaceptable. XD These are what the instructor teaches from, which doesn’t excite me too much. But it’s better than having to learn it on my own, I suppose. Even the extra resource Excel templates leave a bit to be desired, but strangely, I can live with them. It’s the slides with these glaring errors that I find so distracting.

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