Love Jar Beware

You may have noticed the new tagline strangecousinsusan is promoting as of this weekend; credit should go to Star Tattoo Girl, since it was on a letter I received from her that the phrase was found. I am not sure what it means and perhaps she meant something else and misspelled it, but still hit the mark by possible misspellings that turned out to be actual words, anyway. I’ve inquired of the sister after its meaning, but the sister is not one to answer every single text message received. I’m afraid my text asking about Love Jar Beware will be one of them she just doesn’t acknowledge.

Also, if you were curious, strangecousinsusan has a Tumblr account these days, although content found there will not always be cross-posted here, as has been my modus operandi in the past. From time to time, there might be shared content (like the recent Forsyte Triumvirate post), but for the most part, I’m going to try to keep them independent of one another. Despite reducing my presence on the Internetz as much as possible over the last few weeks, Tumblr is a seductive siren calling to me. Plus, Wes started a Tumblr recently, which increased the volume of the siren calling to me.


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One thought on “Love Jar Beware

  1. The mystery has been solved and OMG IT IS ADORBZ.

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