Did I mention…

I was lucky enough to find Upstairs, Downstairs at the library a couple of weeks ago? I’d seen it there once a few months back and decided against it at the time, even though Keeley Hawes was in it. I’m sure that’s some sort of blasphemy, isn’t it? Well, anyway, I’ve despaired of ever seeing it there again for borrowing, but when it appeared in front of my eyes that Saturday morning, I snapped it up and watched it the next evening with my mom.

Being largely ignorant of the finer points of the original series from the 1970s, I didn’t quite know what to expect in the 2010 production. It’s actually not a remake at all, but rather a continuation of the story. I knew Jean Marsh. I recognized the name Eileen Adkins. I sort of knew the basic set-up. Of course, I expected Keeley Hawes to be awesome. And she did not disappoint, although her character, Lady Agnes was not the nicest of people. What I didn’t expect was to find it so humorous. I mean, LOL humorous at times. Was that a hallmark of the 1970s program?

It looks like series two has started, or is about to. I reminded my mom of this last weekend when I was at her place for Sunday dinner, and as I made her watch Roman Holiday (finally…I’d never seen it and don’t think I was necessarily missing all that much, even with Rome and Audrey Hepburn being huge parts of the story) and then jumped into a mini-marathon of Law & Order: SVU (because I sort of have a huge crush on Mariska Hargitay). I’ll have to check the Masterpiece listings when I’m there tomorrow night and sweet talk her (my mom, not Mariksa or Keeley, although I’d love to sweet talk either of them) into DVRing it so we can keep up with the story.

In other Keeley news, did you know she was in The Avengers? FINALLY THERE IS A REASON TO REWATCH THIS MOVIE.

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13 thoughts on “Did I mention…

  1. Star Wars Ep 1 has just been rereleased here in (whoopdefuckingdoo) 3D. We all know George Lucas had a limited number of good ideas, why must he rub it in?

    • And he apparently has unlimited greed. Unfortunately, I don’t think the “first” three movies (or, if you prefer, the three most recent movies) added a thing to the story. What a complete waste of time. Even if Natalie Portman was involved.

  2. Omg, I HAVE THAT MOVIE! And now I totally have to rewatch it. Not that I necessarily needed Keeley to persuade me to do that… Uma is a pretty sexy pony in her own right.

  3. The original series was essentially comedy-deprived. Straight drama.
    And I’m sorry, but not even Keeley is going to persuade me to watch that movie. Another remake that pisses all over the original. Prisoner Mk 2, need I say more?

    • I totally agree that the unnecessary and terrible movie was totally unnecessary and terrible. However, there is a soft spot in my heart for The Prisoner redux. RUTH WILSON! You had to know rhat was coming. If I do rewatch The Avengers, rest assured I will fast forward through the crap to find the scenes with mine Keeley. Who thinks these types of productions are a good idea, anyhow? I feel the same way about Dark Shadows and although I think Johnny Depp is all right, I don’t understand the fascination with Tim Burton. I also don’t understand why Hollywood can’t come up with any new ideas.

      Hey, speaking of remakes, isn’t it about time someone decides remaking the Harry Potter movies is a good idea?

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