Gingham atrocity

I didn’t remember Alex’s wardrobe being unbearable until Series Three.

Except I’d forgotten about the gingham. Seriously, who wears gingham, except farm girls from Kansas who find themselves trapped on a desert island?

That’s right. No one.

Except Alex Drake.

Even the Jean Genie looks miffed about it.

In all honesty, Alex’s gingham is really only slightly unbearable; the white collar on the light blue shirt and the long beaded necklace save the day by creating a sense of fashionista nostalgia in me and stir memories of my high school years. Plus, her wardrobe for the rest of Series One is pretty awesome IMO, and even into Series Two. I’m thinking specifically of that white leather biker jacket.

But what the fuck happened in Series Three? And what happened to the biker jacket?

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4 thoughts on “Gingham atrocity

  1. She looks amazing in the first picture, even if it’s just a profile…and even with the gingham.

  2. Should I be embarrassed? I really, really, really like the gingham! But then, toss me some Kansan farm girls and I won’t turn them away…

  3. Also thinking of the red undergarment.

    (mouth breathing)

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