The Death of Hyacinthos


from wikipedia:

The Death of Hyacinthos, sometimes referred to as The Death of Hyacinth, was completed by Jean Broc in 1801. It presently belongs in the collection of Poitiers and is often displayed at the Musée Rupert de Chièvres. This is Broc’s most famous work and is considered to be drawn from the Metamorphoses by Ovid. It is a depiction of the dead Hyacinthos cradled by his lover, the Greek god Apollo. In front of them is the discus which caused Hyacinth’s death, which was thrown by Apollo himself. The discus had been blown off course by the wind Zephyros, who was also in love with young Hyacinthos and was jealous of Apollo. From Hayacinthos’ blood sprang the Hyacinth flower which bears his name.

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