Marcus Ulpius Traianus

Better known as Imperator Caesar Divi Nervae filius Nerva Traianus Optimus Augustus Germanicus Dacicus Parthicus, or simply Trajan if you prefer, became the 13th emperor of Rome on this day in 98AD.

This is a statue at London Tower of a man believed to be Trajan. I include it here because if I’d had a whit of sense about me when I saw this on my first trip, I would have taken pictures of it. But being largely ignorant of Roman history at the time, I distinctly remember assuming it was Julius Caesar and continuing on my way.

This marble bust is located at the Glyptothek in Munich.

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2 thoughts on “Marcus Ulpius Traianus

  1. My respect for the folks of olden times dropped several notches when I learnt that they painted statues like this, even giving them eyes.
    I’ve seen a few photos and they just look so ephin’ ghey!
    The statues as we know them know, in sombre grey, with blind eyes that stare into infinity, are genuinely awe-inspiring.

    • When I visited the Getty Villa last winter, I was surprised to learn the statues that have come down to us from antiquity are missing their original coloring. I’d had no idea prior to that and don’t think I’d like them as much, either.

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