Even my tremendous adoration for Keeley Hawes does not blind me to Russell Tovey, but oh, how I wish it could. I can’t quite put my finger on why I dislike him as strongly and inexplicably as I do. I’ve only seen him in AtA and Being Human and that is more than enough for me.

But Keeley…isn’t she simply delightful? And that white leather jacket just kills me, I love it so much.

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5 thoughts on “Unfortunate

  1. You’ve seen him in Doctor Who, too! Allons-y, Alonso! 😄

    And until I scrolled down, I was like wtf — when did Keeley and George ever share a screen together?! Completely forgot about that episode. Or, rather, I forgot about George being in it. NOBODY MATTERS BUT KEELEY AND GENE and sometimes Shaz. Super-duper; she’d pay. 😉

    • She’d pay! I love that scene! I never saw that episode of DW-or did I? So many shows from the rebooted era just passed right by me…

      • I’m sure you have! Tovey was in the Xmas episode with Ten and Kylie Minogue. He also appeared briefly in Tennant’s final episode — he was the dude Captain Jack macked with the knowledge of his first name. 😄

    • Also, you’re right. Only Gene and Alex matter. And Shaz. She’s definitely grown on me as I’ve been rewatching the program. 😄

      But I’m still on Team Annie first, when it comes to the teams for supporting characters.

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