Even my tremendous adoration for Keeley Hawes does not blind me to Russell Tovey, but oh, how I wish it could. I can’t quite put my finger on why I dislike him as strongly and inexplicably as I do. I’ve only seen him in AtA and Being Human and that is more than enough for me.

But Keeley…isn’t she simply delightful? And that white leather jacket just kills me, I love it so much.

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5 thoughts on “Unfortunate

  1. You’ve seen him in Doctor Who, too! Allons-y, Alonso! XD

    And until I scrolled down, I was like wtf — when did Keeley and George ever share a screen together?! Completely forgot about that episode. Or, rather, I forgot about George being in it. NOBODY MATTERS BUT KEELEY AND GENE and sometimes Shaz. Super-duper; she’d pay. 😉

    • She’d pay! I love that scene! I never saw that episode of DW-or did I? So many shows from the rebooted era just passed right by me…

    • Also, you’re right. Only Gene and Alex matter. And Shaz. She’s definitely grown on me as I’ve been rewatching the program. XD

      But I’m still on Team Annie first, when it comes to the teams for supporting characters.

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