New Year’s Eve link roundup

I’ve been collecting these links for a few days now and have finally gotten around to rescuing them from my email. Does not voting really mean a vote for Obama? Or a vote for the Republican candidate (whoever that may be)? I know for local elections, voters can write in a name on the ballot (at least on the absentee ballots, which I always use)-but is that possible for a federal election?

In other news, work on the 2012 Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes calendar continues; there was an unexpected health issue with my mother this week and so I’ve been focused on that for the past couple of days, with major surgery taking place in the next week or so for her. I know you’re all chomping at the bit for the calendar and all I can say is please be patient. Once we get through this next week, I hope to get the calendar wrapped up and posted.

Christian movement moving into South Carolina
‘Baby bump,’ ‘amazing’ among 2011’s banished words¹
How one man tracked down Anonymous and paid a heavy price
Virginia GOP Now Requiring Blood Oath, Firstborn To Vote In Primary
Phillip Kayser, Ron Paul Endorser, Called For Executing Homosexuals Under ‘Biblical Law’
The best reason to oppose Ron Paul
President Obama signs indefinite detention into law
Obama signs defense bill despite reservations²

¹ I would like to add the word as only when used instead of because

² Then why in the world did he sign it?

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