Whovian Princesses 2012 is complete

Download the PDF here. I am hoping to get the Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes calendar done this week.

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10 thoughts on “Whovian Princesses 2012 is complete

  1. Here are a couple links about the Ponds:

    at GeekSystem

    at BBC

    I wonder if the next companion will get me to return to the show? Hmmm. Probably not.

  2. Neat! I was almost expecting a month of Amy sneak attack. Actually, given how lame the Xmas special was (I haven’t even been able to finish watching it), I was actually hoping for one! That special was so lame I would have been glad to see Donna Noble return. :/

    • Wait. Donna Noble? What is this mad statement. XD

      • Seriously, I would even have been glad to see Tegan and Dodo TOGETHER. (Not that I wouldn’t have been glad to see Dodo in any case. Annoying as frag, but an adorable not-Susan is still adorable!)

        • How do you feel about the Ponds’ exit next season?

          PS I am hopefully going to answer email tonight!! XD

          • Next season? I thought they were already gone! I was kinda glad about it, but not if the quality drop exhibited in the Xmas episode is a direct result of their departure.

            • I thought I read it would be next series. Frankly, it can’t come soon enough for me, even though I didn’t even watch the last half-season.

              • Yeeeeah it does look like they’re coming back — I just finished the Xmas special and Amy and Rory do indeed make an appearance at the end. Incidentally, it really was the best part of that mess. :/

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