It is officially official

The time has come and I have set the wheels in motion to cancel my domain. It is truly the end of an era. As I am writing this, the task of deleting the files from the host’s servers is taking place in the background. I’ve backed it up, though for what reason, I’m not entirely sure, since I will certainly never return to the entries to reread them.

To go along with this, I think I will probably shut down my gmail accounts earlier than originally planned. All my online accounts have been updated with my new email address and I think everyone with whom I correspond regularly is aware of the change, as well. If you’re a regular reader and didn’t get the email I sent with the information, leave a comment if you’d like the new address.

By way of an update on the insane throughput my site had last month, I followed up on the ticket and was told again that as soon as there was an answer, they’d be sure to let me know. I’m still waiting. Frankly, a wait of two weeks is a bit too long to get an answer in this day and age, at least in my opinion. So, that’s a mystery that will likely never be solved.

Sort of like who really killed John F. Kennedy and if the CIA was really involved with Jonestown.

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7 thoughts on “It is officially official

  1. Merry Christmas! Welcome to your new digs! Nothing will make this place cozier than hanging a few pictures, particularly those from the Third Doctor Era.

    • Merry Christmas to you, too! Yes, I agree about finally hanging the pictures…I just need to figure out if I can. Did I send you my new email address?

      • Yup! Don’t know where it is, but it’s here somewhere!

      • Does the account have any space for image uploads? If not, imgshack or photobucket or another of the free places could work. It’d make fixing the images in previous posts (assuming you’re planning to import the old SCS data — and at the very least you should back it up before you lose the domain/host!) kinda awkward, though!

        • There is very limited image space on a site and I don’t think the cool rotating code you sent me will work when placed in a widget. I was able to backup the old SCS site but won’t be importing it here. There’s an import option for posts and pages that does all the URL-fixing (this is how I was able to reload FF so easily!), but with the images from the old site, I would probably go over my allotment.

  2. So sad! I think you should keep the domain, personally, even if you don’t use a paid hosting plan. It is an extra expense ($9.99 a year with 1and1, though they have a plan right now where you can get the first year for $4.99), but I dunno… something about having my own dot coms makes me feel like my sites are my own. You know? But maybe you don’t feel that way!

    But I switched your Wesoteric link over — still need to go through SC and convert those links (and update the About page; apparently I haven’t done that since before the Sarah Jane contributions began). And I still need to subscribe to this RSS feed!

    • It is not a decision I made easily; it’s been brewing for a while now and I’m sure there will be times I’ll regret my decision. But for right now, I’m content. =)

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